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CKM Property Management offers an Extensive list of Services
-Reconcile all accounts, including checking, savings, money market, etc.
-Monitor investment funds
-Process accounts payable, prepare and release checks
-Bill all assessments and track accounts receivable
-Present accounts receivable reports
-Send delinquency notices
-Perform accelerated collection services when authorized
-Coordinate Tax Return and Audit Preparation
-Insurance Renewal
-Protest property tax valuations and attend hearings
Facilities Management & Maintenance
-Create and implement a planned maintenance program
-Schedule and perform inspections
-Oversee on-site personnel, as well as contracted personnel
-Review property conditions on HOA owned property and recommend improvements where necessary
-Assist with vender selection for maintenance support
-Manage maintenance requests, secure timely performance, and track all such histories
-Bid Preparation, solicitation and contract execution
Architectural Control
-Distribute Architectural control guidelines and applications
-Review house plans and requests for improvements
-Collect conformity deposits and review fees
-Provide compliance inspections
-Review for completion based on application requirements
-Send notification of Committee's decision
-Administer any fines due to non-compliance
-Process approved deposit refunds.
Enforcement of Deed Restriction Compliance
-Perform periodic inspections to ensure compliance with deed restrictions
-Notify property owners of any non-compliance issues
-Discuss non-compliance issues with owners to seek resolution
-Administer any fines associated with non-compliance
-Attend Court mediation to seek resolution for non-compliance issues
-Attend Texas Property Code 209 Hearings
Developer/Board Consulting
-Project planning, including architectural and document review
-Budget creation, including initial operational budgets, and other financial planning needs.
-Rules and Regulation, including the creation and enforcement of procedures and governing documents of the association
-Opening operations, including preparation for developer/management relationships
-Prepare strategy for resident communications, including Welcome Correspondence
-Conduct meeting to ensure timely and complete transition form developer/builder to owners
-Maintain owner listing with appropriate contact information
-Maintain pool access/gate access cards as well as distribution.